About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Steve Perry and I am a headshot and portrait photographer from Ontario, Canada. I have been involved in photography for the last six years. I am interested in all types of photography; however, my main interest is in photographing people. Most of my posts in the blog section will deal with my thoughts on photography in general and I will share with you my experiences as I learn the art of photography. At the current time I am doing a 30 day lighting project. All of the images are self-portraits with various lighting setups, using fairly inexpensive speedlights and modifiers. The purpose of this project is two-fold. First, I hope to show photographers starting out with off camera flash that they can produce  excellent portraits with fairly simple and relatively inexpensive equipment. Secondly, I want to explore in depth portrait and headshot lighting so that I can provide my clients with outstanding portraits and headshots. If you would like to keep up with my posts, be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page.