Welcome to the gallery page.  My main interest in photography is in portraiture and headshots. . I will post some of my images here. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment on any of the images.  I will try to post some of the technical details of the shots and some of the post-processing steps that I use in creating the images.

Lighting Project Day 1

I have watched numerous tutorials about off camera flash and lighting in general both on YouTube and in tutorials that I have purchased online. I have started a personal lighting project where I will be taking two headshots a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays using a different lighting setup each day. I will post the lighting setup, the straight out of camera image (SOOC), and the finished edited and retouched image. I am hoping that this personal project will help me grow and learn about lighting with off camera flash. It is also my hope that those who follow the project will gain some insight into the world of off camera flash and lighting. The image above is the final edited image. Below you will find the SOOC and the lighting diagram with camera settings.

Day 1 SOOC

Click on the images in the gallery below to enlarge. More photos will be added soon.