Day 17 Part II

I have talked about the difference between the headshot and portrait as I see it. Here is another shot from day 17. This time it is on a plain bright white background. Often when I think of the “headshot” I always visualize a plain background, white, grey or black. They are far different than the portrait which I envision with a little more artistic flair. This was shot with the same lighting setup.

Obviously there is no colour grading in this headshot. I did do some blemish repair on the face using frequency separation, brightened the eyes a tad, and then sharpened the image using Topaz detail.

This to me is a typical headshot. Some will say that the light is too even across the face but I have noticed that many headshots shot in this setup have no shadows in the face. They are not dramatic portraits; they are business headshots. Of course all of this is my opinion and some will agree and some will disagree.

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