Does Your Camera Take Great Pictures

More than once I have had people tell me my camera takes great pictures. Of course there are  a lot of comebacks to that – yes and your stove makes great meals, or yes I taught my camera everything it knows etc. Now to be honest I don’t really ever take this to heart or take it as a comment on my ability as a photographer. As photographers we have to understand that to a certain extent that gear does matter. I think that as photographers we must realize that a great photograph is often a combination of good gear, good technical knowledge, a good understanding of the basics of photography and creative vision. And I also believe that if you have good technical knowledge, a good understanding of the basics of photography such as lighting and composition and a creative mind, that the better the gear you have the better the results you will get especially when you get into specialized photography such as food photography or architecture or portrait photography etc. Now if all you have is top of the line gear and none of the above skills your photos simply won’t be very good.

Here is a photo that was taken by my son using his i-Phone. To me this photo is all about the story – an uncle with his nephew on the beach. Could it have been better using a top of the line camera and lens? Of course, but for me this photo is all about the story, it is a moment in time caught by the camera and the photographer. To quote another cliché, “sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you”. 

So next time sometime tells you that you must have a great camera, just smile and shrug it off but also remember that when you have acquired the necessary photographic skills, better gear will mean better photos.

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