From PhotoTaker to Hobbyist

When you get your first camera you  are a photo taker. Most likely you will set your camera on Auto and just snap away. At the very beginning, setting your camera in Manual or one of the semi-automatic modes would probably be a frustrating experience. You want to have fun and take photos. Taking photos has been made easy with the new range of DSLR’s and point and shoots, and the various camera phones. For many people this is where their photographic journey ends. They just want to take photos and record what happens in the world around them. For some photo takers however, especially those who own a DSLR, they become a little more curious about photography. They might join a few Facebook photography groups. They might buy the odd photography magazine. They might start following tutorials on You Tube. They might even read their camera manual! They start reading up on photography equipment and may start to get interested in one or two or more types of photography. Some will get interested in landscape photography, some in bird and wildlife photography, some in portraiture etc. They don’t only shoot events in their lives. They begin taking their camera with them when they go on outings. They begin becoming a little more critical of their photographs and just want to learn more about the basics of photography: exposure, composition, and lighting. Photography has become a hobby. Once again the journey may end here but for some they will go on to become photo enthusiasts. So what is the difference between the hobbyist and enthusiast? That will be the topic of my next post.

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