Getting Into Photography (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my last post, it wasn’t long before I just was not satisfied with the results I was getting shooting in Auto mode. By this time I had joined various photography groups and was amazed by many of the images I was seeing. I started posting and asking for suggestions and it wasn’t long before the messages came back loud and clear – get out of Auto mode. And so the journey began.

I started experimenting with the other modes. The big mistake I made was not researching the other modes.  And the biggest mistake I made was not learning the Exposure Triangle. When you first start learning about exposure, no  doubt you are going to find the whole thing rather complicated. Don’t give up! Once you get a good understanding of this you will go from “taking photographs” to “making photographs“. You will be taking control of your camera. Once I started learning the Exposure Triangle and once I started doing more research on the other camera modes and how to use them creatively, my photos began to improve. I was starting to get some of the results that I envisioned and was starting to be able to imitate the results of some of the photographers I had been following online. Just remember if you are serious about photography it is a life-long learning process. In my next post I will outline some of the resources I have found useful over the last few years.



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