Where do I Go From Here?

Where to Go From Here?

I have been involved with photography now for about 7 years. I have tried all kinds of different types of photography. I have tried food photography, bird and wildlife photography, landscape photography, street photography, well honestly just about every type of photography out there. I have pretty well settled on headshot and portrait photography as my favourite genre. I really enjoy photographing people and trying to portray their personality through the lens of my camera.

I now find myself at a crossroads. Where do I go from here? I am pretty certain that my main interest in photography will remain headshot and portrait photography. I have developed the skills, both technical and creative to take the next step and turn “pro”. I have the equipment necessary for a small home studio to get started, but I realize that eventually I would need to invest in professional studio equipment and eventually get a space for a real studio. The kicker is I am sixty-four years old. Do I really want to start a photography business at my age or do I simply do the odd paid job to help feed my appetite for new gear?

The other consideration aside from age is I live in a very small market, a market that considers Walmart photos much more than adequate for their portrait needs. People like my work but are not willing to pay the price for quality work. I have done a few event photography gigs in the past and their idea of payment for a full day’s work was giving me supper at the event. Of course I was guaranteed plenty of exposure for my photography. I have done two or three portrait sessions for $75.00 with three fully edited images. I quickly realized that I was short selling myself at that price. I have since raised my prices to $150.00 a session this month. I have had some inquiries but no takers.

So for now, I will probably continue looking for potential clients to get started. I will continue posting on Instagram and Facebook and re-designing my website to better show my portfolio of images and see where that takes me. One thing I know for sure is no matter what I decide, I will continue my passion for photography.

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